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Brass Tacks

New beginnings

Hello. I welcome all you liberal, egalitarian Indians to this community and request you to contribute to the dialogue towards making a more tolerant, peaceful, and modern India. The last few months have not been conducive towards peace in our country. The country has been rocked by several terrorist strikes that have taken innocent lives and threaten to tear our nation apart. The country's creaking law enforcement structure seems ill-equipped to face this new challenge.

As if Islamic terrorism was not enough, we now have the rising spectre of Hindutva-inspired terrorism. The alleged involvement of Hindutva organizations in the Malegaon blasts raises the scary prospect of fundmentalists of different shades setting afire the country's social fabric and creating an atmosphere of fear, violence and terror where the common man cannot go about his/her everyday business of looking after themselves and their family and aspiring to a prosperous future.

We believe fundamentalists claiming allegiance to different religions who provoke people into violence ultimately belong to the same ilk, and religiously motivated zealots are unaware of the core philosophy of their own faiths.

It is with an aim to give voice to the intelligent, enlightened Indians who understand the country's priorities and want to see a strong, modern, prosperous India that this community has been started. Let's talk amongst ourselves and try to discuss ways to save this country from hate and terror.

Please feel free to speak your mind here, but be respectful of other people's opinions and don't start flame wars. Together, we can make this a success.
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