Brass Tacks (pmax3) wrote in secular_indians,
Brass Tacks

Bringing humiliation to Hinduism

Just heard the disturbing news that Dayanand Pandey, accused in the Malegaon blasts, has confessed to plotting the blasts along with Sadhvi Pragya. All of us who until a few years ago would have dismissed out of hand any suggestion of Hindutva organisations actually indulging in terrorist violence on the lines of Islamic terrorism now have the possibility staring them in the face.

For the Hindu society at large, it is a threat of colossal proportions. Hinduism, until now thought to be immune to perpetration of organized violence because of its philosophical underpinnings, is now being taken over by overtly violent organisations who seek to redefine the very core of Hinduism and make it saffron clone of the fundamentalist wings of other religions. In doing so, they are trying to kill the very soul of Hinduism and robbing it of its ideological foundations that have seen it through millenia of external aggression. Hindutva organisations are bringing shame and humiliation to Hinduism, a religion which has much to offer to the world in terms of spiritual guidance.

One hopes Hindus in general will know these charlatans for who they are and not let these terrorists steal their religion from them.
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